Weight loss with Duromine

Obesity is one of the most common diseases. Overweight is not only an aesthetic problem, but also causes violations of the energy balance, metabolism, physical and emotional state. Person realizes the criticality of the situation only when he cannot get rid of extra pounds on his own.

In current clinical practice, doctors prescribe slimming medications to enhance non-pharmacological obesity treatment (hypocaloric diet and increased physical activity). The most famous and popular weight loss medication in New Zealand and Australia is Duromine.

Duromine is a trademark of Phentermine, the first FDA-approved anorexigenic drug for weight loss. Some nutritionists are skeptical about Phentermine (Duromine), because its use is accompanied by side effects (dizziness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, nervousness, nausea, dry mouth).

However, Phentermine (Duromine) safety and efficacy are proved by the duration of its use in medical practice. Phentermine has been used for the obesity treatment for 55 years (the FDA approved Phentermine for the obesity treatment in 1959).

For the first time, Duromine was included in the Australian register of therapeutic goods on July 16, 1991. Duromine advantage over other weight loss medications (including those containing Phentermine) is that it can be used to treat obesity in children, older than 12 years.

Effectiveness of slimming medication Duromine is proven by the fact that obese people, who took it for weight loss at least once, repeat it at three-month intervals. Regular Duromine intake allows losing in average about 2 -2.5 kg per week.

Losing weight is a long and complex process. To improve all metabolic parameters along with weight loss, it is important to lose weight gradually. Patients should also keep to proper diet and lead active lifestyle between Duromine courses.

During the anti-obesity therapy with Duromine, people easily abandon snacks and sweets.  Balanced diet, which a person keeps, when taking Duromine, helps forming correct eating habits.

Eating habits, formed during pharmacotherapy with Duromine, are so strong, that people can easily follow them even after discontinuing appetite suppressant, Duromine pills. After stopping Duromine treatment, balanced diet helps not only to maintain achieved weight, but also to consolidate the result and to prevent re-accumulation of fats.

Reducing adipose tissue in Duromine pills therapy enhances the physiological and emotional state of a person. With every kilogram, lost during pharmacotherapy with Duromine, person feels better and more comfortable.

Weight decrease, resulting from anti-obesity therapy with Duromine, is accompanied by reduced levels of fat and carbohydrates, as well as significant reduction in synthesis of fatty acids. In addition, weight loss, resulting from diet pills Duromine action, helps normalizing disturbed function of the lipid profile.

People on Duromine have opened numerous forums, where they indicate high efficiency of anti-obesity therapy with these diet pills. Users share information on the proper and safe use of Duromine, in their discussions.

Forums about Duromine contain information on how Duromine users were able to reduce the frequency and severity of side effects (dry mouth, dizziness, sleeplessness). Also, users share their results, achieved due to Duromine pills, and suggest each other ways of maintaining achieved weight, after discontinuing slimming pills Duromine.

To save the results, achieved due to Duromine slimming pills, and prevent the relapse of obesity, it is recommended to follow a low-calorie diet and an active lifestyle between courses of appetite suppressant Duromine.